Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Life Here IN The Great State of Georgia

It has been a few months since I have posted, been very busy getting all settled. There have been so many new changes for the MARCUMFOUR. We have taken a youth pastor position. The Lord has blessed us with some great kids, we have been averaging around 30 for our service. They are all pretty much middle school kids so hopefully they will be with us for a long time, and can get grounded spiritually.

David is working as a upholster for a firm in Chattanooga, he really enjoys working on the antiques. I have had to get used to him being gone all day- everyday. There is always plenty to keep me busy so I have managed.ha
Austin and Emily have had some major changes too. For the last 7 weeks they have had their moma as their teacher, principal, guidance counselor.. on and on.. you get it. We have made the change to home school. We love, love, lo-ve it! It is so awesome to be such a part of their education. I have wanted to do this for some time, but just feel that the time is now. We even dissected a COW EYE. I have been so intrigued with the human eye, because of the probs I have had with my ms, so we worked on the next best thing. It was very neat- even kind of bouncy. The kids thought it was cool to look thru the lens and read the news paper.
Next update of our family would be on our little mini farm. The coon dog Copper, and squirrel dog Andy have adjusted so well to a huge back yard they play well all day. Austin has mastered the loud barking and they fit in well with all the neighbors. The 9 chickens are growing daily and now are sleeping in their own coops, we hope for eggs in a month so so. The Beta Fish are pretty simple they are in our school room to keep us from getting board.
We are happy to be here and feel like we are back home.. it's great to be with our old friends. If you can get away this summer, stop in for a visit, there is lots to do and see. Check out my new cooking blog, It's Love to see ya. XXOO!
New Life in GA

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Its Moving Time Again!!!

Just wanted to share a new beginning of our lives. We have lived in another different part of the US again, this was our first to live in Alabama. With David being a pastor, and I being his wife we have had more than enough relocation to do us a life - time. Our kids, Austin & Emily tells us ... the when I grow up...... we will never move again, one place for life. The way their favorite and loyalty to the state is Tennessee.
Our new adventure this time is taking us to the great state of GA. It is minutes to Tennessee, so I am sure we will make many more memories in the Chatt- Ga area.
I will update you on our new home, we are still in search for a great place to make the family happy. As I have shared before my children love the country, we have nicknamed Austin to Jethro on the Beverly Hillbillies. and Emy comes a close to Elliemae . ha Seriously, we will be bringing on our 2 dogs, one a coon hound named Copper, and a little mixed squirrel dog named Andy. Also, I had to cancel the order of 12 new assorted chickens, mail ordered by the way... our 2-rabbits, and a lizard and fish. I am sure if our farm animals grow we will have to get a animal trailer to carry them.
Something a little more exciting, my new bargain that I must share, a darling Sitting Bench. I think this the cutest new piece I have found in a long time. I love to hunt for treasures, it's a major stress reliever.
I will close with a view of more of our boxes that adjourns our LR floor. Have a good one, and we will post the new views soon. The verse that I keep leaning on is "This To Will Pass" . Happy Lovers Day!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Can you believe that we are in 2010. I love having the fresh start at the beginning of each year. I have already started on house projects. Nothing feels better than clean closets, organized laundry rooms, and new paint. I have many more days of work ahead of me. How did ya'll do on the after Christmas sales? We went to Chattanooga and my friend Greta and I left everyone in bed and headed to Wal-mart for the 75% off sale. I did pretty good, lots of cute wrapping paper and some great deals for my white elephant parties. The best deal is the one shown in the pic. Yes, I got David a "Santa Suit". Today he tried it on and I just couldn't resist capturing the moment. He said it was quite magical and he'll have the HO HO HO's and jolly chuckle down to perfection by next year. I'll be sure and let you know how Mrs. Claus feels, lol :) I love fresh starts and I hope all of you will have a wonderful year with many blessings. God is so good, and I look forward to all he has in store for us.

Friday, August 7, 2009

My Baby Girl is 12

Where does the time go? It seems like yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital and then soon she was off to school catching the school bus, now today she has turned twelve. Wow! It wears me out to think how fast life flys by. I want to push a slow down button and take each day and treasure every moment. Emy is such a precious daughter. I tell her if I could pick any girl for her to be like she would be my pick. She has a heart for Jesus and she has a compassionate spirit that will take her far in life. Not to mention that its just plain fun having a girl, love doing manicures, and pedicures together, laughing girlish, playing resturant, dolls and watching flips and endless cheers. I want to thank God for giving me these twelve wonderful years with Em and look so forward to watching her grow into the special young lady she will be... This year we celebrated her big day by taking a road trip to BabyLand General Hospital where they make Cabbage Patch Dolls. We had so much fun, they even had a special delivery while we were there. Em has collected the dolls and things and has quite the little museum. The boys tolerated us, but were happy to make Emily so happy. One of her main presents that she requested was a Vera Bradley Purse, she got money, clothes and more CPatches, American Girl game and a special horse necklace that her Aunt Sherry gave her. Tonight she will go to a church lock in, she has had a wonderful birthday.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Hilton Head Vacation

As some of you know we started out on a mission to surprise our good friends Joe and Greta Rhyne. I had been looking on-line for a "differ" kind of place to vacate this year. I actually book two other condos in AL, and FL. I pictured us walking out the door ... riding bikes in the plantations, seeing Big AL the gator, the Charlie Ride to Harbor Town...yada, yada on and on. I then realized that there is a reason that we have vacationed at HH for the last 8 yrs. We feel we are going home, in a odd sort of way. We thought since our friends thought we were in FL, we would surprise them. I have a very hard time keeping surprises to myself, especially when it makes a person happy. But I did keep the secret, and what a surprise. We all came early and stayed in hotels for a couple nights before we could ck in to our condos, so we went to their hotel, and caught Joe and Kirsten getting out of their car. They looked like they saw ghost. It was so oo fun. We hung out, met for lunch the next day, then the girls all went shopping. Today is Wednesday. We are having a wonderful time. The weather has been beautiful. I just love vacation. lol-who doesn't!! David was invited to see the Port of Savannah with his friends Joe, Jay Josh and Joshua. After riding a telephone booth size elevator, they began their tour 15 stories high on a crane which unloads the ships. While up there, they viewed Americas largest single port from a long two foot wide cat walk and small hand rails. After coming down, they saw the rest of it by van. David enjoyed and thanks his friend Jay for arranging the trip. We have swam, ridden bikes to our traditional bakery, ate wonderful food, of course hours relaxing at the beach, and just great quality family time with family and friends. Our week isn't over yet, I may post more later. If any of you are my FB friends, I was hacked and a horrible virus took over, so I am off FB for now. I still would love to hear from ya'll. Have a Fun, Safe, Sweet Summer!!


Friday, April 10, 2009

My Special Lunch Date

I wanted to share with you a special date I had this week, with of course my #1 and only love, David. Since we are new to "Bama Land" its been fun to explore all the new territory. I have such admiration for the old sort of Victorian houses with Southern porch styles. We happened upon this and discovered it was a new restaurant that has been opened for a couple of weeks. I love, love being back in the South, where its a given that your tea is SWEET, and so I got to introduce to David the wonderful appetizer of "Fried Green Tomatoes". They were so good, and it brought back memories of days of my youth. We had a lovely time, and was also shown a part of the house that hasn't quite opened yet. It was joined to a old fashioned train car. We look forward to going back. As I tell you every time, you have a open invitation to come for a visit. Have a great good Friday!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Looking in at our new life here in Alabama

Two weeks ago, our journey began to move Alabama. We've moved so many times, we should start a business. But, we will pass on the idea and hopefully not move for a very long time. We arrived to our new home we were "southernly" welcomed. There were 50 or so people unload our trucks, setup our beds and unpack boxes. We were also surprised with full cabinets of food, gift certificates and a refrigerator full of food. We felt so special. On our first Sunday here, we were welcomed with our first "bama" snow. Our first week here was the famous Rock Mills Bar-b-que week! We are very impressed. Every night was a different project from making the special secret sauce to packing bread and bagging cakes. We enjoyed seeing so many working with such unity together, and of course joking and having fun. I think the total fed was near 3000 plates. See, Bar-b-que here is a big tradition. Here on the home front, most of the decor is finished. Routines are started and we are loving life. Speaking of life... our little family has grown. We have two dogs Jack and Lucky plus we've added 10 new baby chicks. David the farmer wannabe and Austin the wildlife man, have decided we need to grow our own country eggs. We were spoiled living near my parents in Tennesssee, when their chickens supplied us with good country eggs. Emily the horse rider is looking so forward to riding some horses owned by our members. We give the Lord all praise for His many blessings. P.S. To all my northern gals, I've already planted flowers in several pots. I'm working on finding a beautiful front porch swing. Come see us!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our New Journey Begins......

What a beautiful day the Lord has given us, I do believe Spring is around the corner! To all of my Northern friends, come on down for some ice tea and some Sunshine! As you know, I have asked many of you to help us pray for God's will in our lives and God has surely blessed us with a very sweet peace. We were down in Alabama last weekend for a trial message. We had such a nice weekend, and felt God's Awesome presence. The church is very beautiful as you can see, and the people felt like we were made for each other. Yes, as you can guess we had a wonderful potluck lunch... and it was as Southern as can be. We were privileged to meet Bro. Rusty who gave us a good tour of the city. Austin and Emily loved going to his beautiful home and loved feeding the horses. We also enjoyed the good supper at the Gedneys after the meeting. God Is Good, All The Time, and we really praise his precious name. Have a super week, I'll not be blogging for awhile...... I'll be packing, packing, and packing.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our Wonderful Holidays

I am a little behind, so Blogger friends just forgive. Our Holidays were so much fun this year. We started off with our traditional Christmas at Papaw and Nanna's house. We ate lots of delicious food, enjoyed listening to David reading to us the Christmas Story, and then played a silly-fun game which included opening a layered present w/gloves on and a Santa hat. Santa Young was very good to us, the last present given out was to David. He opened a box as light as a feather-- inside was a certificate for all of us to go to Graceland and then stay at the famous Heartbreak Hotel. David was so excited. This has been one of his dreams. We left for Memphis on Monday to tour "The Big House", and had a wonderful time. Just as we were about to leave, Austin and I were taking a break and guess who walked beside us......John Stamos. Remember Jessie on Full House, and the ER Dr. Tony. David asked if we could take a pic w/ him and he gladly said Yes. Of Course, I have been teased for girlishly saying,"this is so-oo exciting". Our New Years week was so very fun. We headed to Chattanooga to our dear friends Joe, Greta, Kirsten and Christopher Rhyne's house. We welcomed in the New Year on our knees in prayer. We continued the Holiday visiting our good friends Craig and Debbie Downs. We had a delicious dinner at Famous Dave's, and then headed to their house for a fun party with some friends that we haven't seen in a long time. We had such a nice evening. We enjoyed sitting around while Craig's mom played the piano and we sang so many nice hymns. We loved playing with Marabelle, what a sweet puppy. We still had more celebrating and went to our old neighbors the McBrides house. Emily loved playing w/ Maddie and Maclaine, while Austin and Ben played a racing game. We woke up to the wonderful aroma of Brad's Special Pancakes. Yum.. We enjoyed our visit. As you see we love good times so we ended our celebration with our adopted Grandma, Mrs. Ford. We enjoyed dinner with the Daughertys and visited with Mark and his soon to be family. We feel so thankful having such wonderful friends. God has blessed us with so many special people in our lives. Happy Late New Year!! *To see pics, just click on the picture.

09 New Years Week

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This weekend we had a wonderful time at the Opryland Hotel. It brought back so many memories of the day when we were married. It was decorated so beautiful for Christmas, and we shared our touring with David's brother, Brian and his family. We took the boat ride and ate pizza, and topped it off with delicious Haagen Dazs ice cream. If you ever get the chance to go see Opryland Resort Hotel with the beautiful decors it is well worth it! We enjoyed the rest of the weekend, and celebrated Austins 13th birthday. I am still in shock, that my boy is a teenager. Wow!! He is still such a sweet boy, and he loves life and nature to the fullest. I have started making my candies, buckeyes, oreo choc. dips, and Italian Gallettes. Have a very merry day, and I hope you enjoy everyday of this blessed season.

Opryland --Austin's bday